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Our aim is to make a difference to that one person who cannot afford the crazy price of those pair of shoes they so desperately want. With the economy plummeting and the costs of living already sky high, we want to give that special someone the chance to have something for practically nothing. At My First Pair, we offer that chance through our raffles; having the chance to win a popular pair of sneakers for a minuscule price. We also have an online store; selling a few popular shoes for competitive prices!

We are fairly new so are still in early stages of this journey but if all goes well, we hope to expand and start helping others on a larger scale with charities, events etc.



Hey there, my names' Matt Brohier!

29 year old, born and raised Swindon Wiltshire.

I've always had a passion for shoes and I feel it just comes hand in hand with music/culture. I remember when Lil Wayne started rocking the Supras! Or when Soulja Boy got him some bathing apes! As a rapper myself in my spare time, I appreciate the statement/vibe shoes make.  If you want to check out my stuff feel free to visit

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