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When a shoe comes up for grabs, you can enter to win by purchasing a slot through our website (the cost of this slot can vary from shoe to shoe). When purchasing a slot, information will be requested such as your desired shoe size, email address etc.


Once purchased, you will then be emailed a ticket number specific to you, keep this to hand as it may be your number that is announced! You can purchase as many ticket numbers as you like; to increase your chances!

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A specific date/time is stated upon each raffle to show when the competition closes. At this time, we will then be doing a live stream on our Instagram to announce the winner.

During this live stream, we will have a word document on display which will show all entries; including each contestant's name/ticket number.

To pick a winner, we will be using Google's random number generator. We prefer this method as it's a tool that everyone is familiar with, it also allows us to show our transparency and avoids any biases when selecting a winner.

Once Google generates a random number out of our total, this will then be the winning ticket number. The above process will all be on camera live.

After a winner (hopefully you) is identified, we will then make contact through email for formal notification (this is also in case you miss the live stream).


The winning shoe with the desired size will be ordered. This will be brand new and unworn.


To ensure authenticity, the shoe will firstly be shipped to authenticators (using external sources such as 'Ebay Authenticators', 'GOAT' or 'StockX') to verify the legitimacy

Once all is okay, the item will then be shipped to the winner! (you?)

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